2022 Every so often I get a senior who looks like a model. I don’t mean in the, “all the teenagers in Orange County are crazy beautiful” kind of way (which is weird because they all really are). I mean MODEL-beautiful. Devin is that girl. She is absolutely stunning. And what’s crazy is that she’s […]

Senior Photography

Devin’s Senior Shoot | Northwest Open Space Session | Orange County Senior Photography

2022 As a senior photographer, I get to see a LOT of older families… kids who are so mature and on the precipice of launching into amazing new adventures. It is COMPLETELY different than shooting families with little ones. And oh how I love shooting the little ones! This family is such a special one, […]

2022 Mission San Juan Capistrano is such a gem in Orange County. What an incredible historical landmark with beautiful grounds full of interesting backdrops. I’m always excited when my clients choose this as their annual location for family photos. This family is crazy photogenic… I mean have you seen a more beautiful group of people?? […]

Family Photography

Chatterton Family Session | Mission San Juan Capistrano Session | Orange County Family Photography

2022 Every so often you get a session where the light is just different. It doesn’t really make sense as to why, but it’s super exciting when it does. I shoot at Jeffrey Open Space all the time… it’s actually a favorite choice amongst my clients after they view my portfolio and see the amazing […]

2021 It makes me sad to see people not recognizing the importance of capturing the moments in time that you will most likely forget. We all have those half-memories… the ones where we “kind of” remember an event or a feeling, but then we also don’t really remember. Photographs, especially PRINTED photographs, spark those memories […]

Senior Photography

Trey’s Senior Session | Cedar Grove Park Session | Orange County Senior Photographer