I really can’t say enough about Vanessa… she is gorgeous, bright, kind, funny and oh, so very talented. She has dreams to become a professional dancer and, even better, a Rockette! I’ve been lucky enough to see this young woman perform and she is absolutely incredible. I know she is destined to do great things! […]


Vanessa’s Professional Headshots

Yes I know what you’re thinking… A family photo shoot in January? I know.. it’s like the unicorn in the magical forest. It (almost) never happens. Most families are so DONE with the holidays and the last thing they want to do is to get in front of a camera. But here’s a not so […]

I love shooting this family… not only are they so sweet, they’re also gorgeous. They’re the kind of family you would see in a picture frame you’ve purchased. Jessica is one of those people who just has an incredibly natural sense of style and she brings that to every part of her life. And that […]


Chatterton Family – Irvine Family Photographer

Every so often I get one of those shoots where I just have an absolute BLAST – this shoot was one of them. Seriously I think it is up there with my all time favorites. This family is beautiful, smart, funny, goofy, irreverent, and just plain AWESOME. Charlotte is the little bundle of sweetness wrapped […]

The only upside to all of the crazy overdevelopment in Orange County is that the Irvine Company sets aside a certain amount of open space for each development it creates. While these open spaces aren’t usually that large, what they’ve done with some of these spaces is really cool. With a few of these spaces […]


Schaffer Family – Irvine Family Photographer