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  1. Jenni Ramsey says:

    Hey Jennifer… I saw your post on FB and completely agree. I feel the same way at times. I went on Jordan’s field trip last Friday and it was priceless. One mom asked why I would want to spend my day with a bunch of 3rd graders. Seriously? Let’s think of a few reasons…deep conversation with Jordan’s teacher, the opportunity to “spy” on other kids and see how they behave, and precious time with Jordan and his friends… It was a great time together, but Jordan was embarrassed a few times when I sang outloud or acted silly in front of his friends. That made me sad… clearly he cares about what his friends think now and doesn’t want to be embarassed by his crazy mom. Most of the time our boys still hug me in front of their friends, tell me they love me and pick me over anyone else. But I know that is going to change… Thanks for the thoughts.

    It’s great to be in touch!

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