The changing of the guard

  1. DrewB says:

    I won’t even shop at Samy’s anymore because of this. No joke. Have not made a purchase there for over a year because they pissed me off so bad. Even wrote an email to the manager and heard nothing. I do all my shopping online at B & H. I of course don’t mind going to Samy’s to waste the salespersons time and check out something in person, but I will not buy a single thing from there.

  2. Big Syd:) says:

    Return the lens!!! and if the same guy is there just say: “Thx to u this shop is loosing business!Ur a VERY SUCKISH sales person for treating me the way u did and really a very suckish person for being a rude man!” and if he askes anything more just demand your money and stomp away! i mean u dont have to use my actual words (just giving u some ideas,LOL) but all i demand is that u make a big scene!! im talking a big entrance and a HUGE exit!! LOL cant wait to see u, keep me posted on what u do! lol

    love, Big syd:)

  3. Neither arrogance or insecurity. Unless your salesperson has some demonstrated abilities within the photographic field, he probably just wants to be loved. He also has no knowledge of all those female photographers who might be after his threatened livelihood.

    Love ‘ya

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