2021 Sometimes a session just comes naturally to a family… and this session was it. Easy, relaxed, and no stress. This family clearly REALLY likes each other which always comes through in the images which I LOVE. It makes my job a whole lot easier for sure! We did this one at the Irvine Ranch […]

Family Photography

Hawkins Family Session | Irvine Ranch Park Session | Orange County Family Photography

2022 If you live in Orange County, you always have to have a beach session on your bucket list! Some beaches can be a challenge to shoot on due to permitting issues.. thankfully this client had access to a private beach in Laguna which we had all to ourselves on this gorgeous spring evening! Emma […]

2022 Every so often I get a senior who looks like a model. I don’t mean in the, “all the teenagers in Orange County are crazy beautiful” kind of way (which is weird because they all really are). I mean MODEL-beautiful. Devin is that girl. She is absolutely stunning. And what’s crazy is that she’s […]

Senior Photography

Devin’s Senior Shoot | Northwest Open Space Session | Orange County Senior Photography

2022 Every so often you get a session where the light is just different. It doesn’t really make sense as to why, but it’s super exciting when it does. I shoot at Jeffrey Open Space all the time… it’s actually a favorite choice amongst my clients after they view my portfolio and see the amazing […]

2021 It makes me sad to see people not recognizing the importance of capturing the moments in time that you will most likely forget. We all have those half-memories… the ones where we “kind of” remember an event or a feeling, but then we also don’t really remember. Photographs, especially PRINTED photographs, spark those memories […]

Senior Photography

Trey’s Senior Session | Cedar Grove Park Session | Orange County Senior Photographer